Landing Pages

Landing Pages are individual web pages that prospects visit after clicking on a search engine optimized result, marketing promotion, or online advertisement.

If you rely on your website as a tool for passively generating leads or closing sales, then your landing page copy needs to be even better than your in-person sales pitch. 


When you’re selling to a client in person, you are communicating on levels beyond the direct words you are speaking. You communicate your trustworthiness to clients through the way you dress, the tone of your voice, your degree of eye contact…the list goes on and on. 

Plus, when you sell in person, you have the opportunity to negotiate. When your client voices a question or doubt, you can hone your pitch to directly appeal to their needs. 

Landing pages, on the other hand, operate with a more black and white selling process. 

When a prospect arrives on your landing page, this is likely their first encounter with your business. They don’t know you or your product, and they have no reason to trust the validity of what you are selling.

Therefore, your landing page is your ONE opportunity to… 





to the emotional and psychological needs of your audience demographic. 


why you are the best solution to your prospects’ problems.


your website visitors to take action – either by providing contact information or purchasing.



Unfortunately, you can’t create a different set of text based on the background or specific concerns of each person who visits your website. Your landing page needs to appeal to the psyche of your collective consumer demographic, and that text needs to perform with the same degree of effectiveness as a back and forth, face-to-face human interaction. 


Sounds like a tall order, right?

It is.

…And I’m here to help. By hiring me for your landing page copywriting needs, we will work together to create trust-building, decision-driving copy that:


  • Concisely expresses the problem that your business solves
  • Appeals to the emotional and psychological profile of your consumer demographic
  • Demonstrates the value of your business through testimonials or industry statistics
  • Ends with a persuasive call to action

Interested in elevating your landing page copy?