It’s Really, Really Smart to Hire a Copywriter. Here’s Why.

If you care about the long term success of your brand, then it is SUPER smart to hire a copywriter for all your text-based marketing materials.

By hiring a copywriter, you can rest assured that: 

1.) The objective of your brand will be understood by anyone and everyone who visits your website – regardless of whether or not they have previous experience in your industry.

2.) Your web copy will showcase the features of your product or service, targeted to impress your prospects.

3.) The text on your website will form a clear path that persuades visitors to either provide contact information or purchase.  

I’ll explain each of these points in more depth below…

Clear Explanations for Anyone & Everyone

As a business owner, you understand the intricacies of your company like the back of your hand. You can rattle off the specs of your product or service on autopilot, and you know exactly how and why your brand is better than your competitors… 


Just because you know your brand better than everyone else doesn’t mean that you’re the best candidate to explain why consumers should choose you. Over the course of developing your business, circuits have been welded into your brain, creating shorthand explanations for the complex processes that occur within your company. 

These shorthand explanations probably seem painfully obvious to you, but it’s difficult to translate this for people who are new to your industry.

That’s why it’s really, really smart to have a neutral, unfamiliar party objectively assess and explain your business in a way that’s easy for anyone & everyone to understand. 

…And a copywriter is the perfect neutral party for this task. By sitting down with a copywriter, you can express a diverse range of thoughts that express your vision of your business, and she will distill this into a succinct, compelling, and accessible body of text.

What Impresses You Might Not Impress Them

Because you have been involved in your brand’s growth since it was just a tiny thought in your brain, you are intimately familiar with all the roadblocks you’ve encountered till now. You know the things-that-seemed-easy-but-were-actually-really-hard, as well as the things-that-seemed-hard-but-were-actually-so-so-easy. Therefore, your perception of a major bragging point is probably not going to line up with the things that will impress your audience.

I’ll explain what I mean…

Let’s say your brand is bringing a new ecommerce app to market. And, let’s say you’ve spent MONTHS fixing a technical problem that prevented purchasers from paying with Zelle. Once this glitch is fixed, you break out the champagne, and the capacity to pay with Zelle becomes the app’s crowning achievement in your mind. 

However, if you build your marketing copy around this feature, your pitch is going to fall flat. Most online consumers today use PayPal or credit cards to make purchases. Therefore, the hyperfocus on Zelle would seem confusing to the majority of your audience. Instead, it would be much smarter to highlight features that directly impact the majority of your app users’ experiences, such as the kinds of products that are available on your platform. 

Now, I know that most people reading this won’t be so obtuse as to construct marketing copy around the capacity to pay with Zelle, but you get my point. As someone deep in the trenches of your brand, it’s incredibly difficult to predict what will impress the people outside. If you communicate all the unique features of your brand to a copywriter, she can filter your thoughts to showcase features that will most resonate with your target audience. 

The Power of Persuasion

Lastly, it’s smart to hire a copywriter because copywriters are specifically trained in the art of persuasive writing. Writing for the sake of expressing a thought and writing for the sake of persuading an action are two very, very different things. In the field of persuasive writing, sentences are designed to provoke a desired reaction from a reader. In order to be good at persuasive writing, copywriters spend countless hours experimenting with sentence structure and vocabulary to determine which combinations work and which don’t. 

Unless you have prior experience writing marketing copy, it’s very difficult to know how to write about your brand in a manner that convinces people to buy. Which angle should you use? Should you highlight the emotional story behind the conception of your brand?  Should you persuade using technical statistics? How should you craft an email subject line to make a subscriber open an email? Which words sound the most convincing to teens and young adults? Which words appeal to males over 60?

A professional copywriter will know how to craft persuasive copy that connects to your exact audience demographic, and she will present your business in a manner that naturally eases your prospects along the journey to purchase.

So, if this blog post has done its job and persuaded you about the importance of professional copywriting…you can get in touch with me here. 🙂